Three-peat /Clean Sweep

When asked the question
Michael Jordan answered without a moment’s hesitation
In who is the Best in the National Basketball Association?
His response was a disappointment to most of his fans
He did not take the singular accreditation
Rather he said the 1996 Chicago Bulls
That response made most basketball fans eyes full

No political party in Belize’s history
Has ever three-peated electorally
Indeed Barrow wants to write his legacy
He has his eyes set on a third victory
Saving two thirds of every dollar
Throwing the one blue in colour
Belizeans will get their truck load of sand and their hundred dollars
But will never get anything after
As they would have contracted their future

R.I.P. BelizeIf UDP three-peats
Medical expenses no weh get cheap
If PUP win by clean sweep
Majestic Alley pan the community havoc deh gewn reek
If UDP three-peats there will be more violence on the streets
IF PUP wins by clean sweep
Gas prices weh increase
If UDP three- peats
Taxes weh increase
Our dallar will definitely devalue
If PUP wins clean sweep
Education noh weh get cheap
If UDP three-peats
Electricity prices weh reach its peak
IF Pup wins by clean sweep
Ralphy weh stop peep and take his “rightful” seat

IF UDP three-peat
Poor people nah weh eat
If PUP repeat
The cycle will repeat
The only way to stop it
Dah fi get the third party some seats
The voice of the People is the voice of God
No matter how you pray there’ll be no answer from your Lord
Until you change your condition
You’ll have no representation
Governments without vision can only lead the country into degradation
Until you understand
The future of our children is at hand
The Diaspora and Belizeans in the home land must work hand in hand
To ride this country of these tyrants
Noh exchange black dog fi puss and putting in oppressors
We must vote for integrity not political favours

By: Abdulmajeed K. Nunez


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