Global Solidarity

Global Solidarity

Yule Brinier has played his hand

Desperation seem to be his motivation

Four truck load of policeman

Arrested the Santa Cruz Village chairman

Ignoring the right of the Alcalde Association

Their protection under the constitution

If that was not enough they Mayan Spokes woman

Is fanning the flames of Ethnic tensions

He trying to recreate what happened in Ferguson

When the police killed Treyvon Martin

I’m appealing the Belize’s Citizen

Let’s not give in to this annoyance

Let’s ignore Brinier’s nuisance

A country’s leader due to political Euphoria

Hate seeing his people living as one

With Mayan speaking Garifuna

Sharing their rich culture, inter marrying each other

Brinier prefers to divide and conquer like the colonial masters

Out of desperation he’s trying to create ethnic tension

Fanning the flames of confrontation

After their political operative

Went spreading aspersions in the village

This is all a diversion

Before the pending House decision

To put the proverbial nail in the Audit and Reform Act Coffin

Along with His Petro Carib Loans Act fortifying

What’s being done to Mayan Belizeans?

Will reach the length and breadth of the entire nation

Government using police and military tactics of suppression

Leading to citizen and police confrontation

Brinier wants US occupation

In our little nation, so he’s creating situation

Using the Anglo Guatemalan provocation

Now he’s attacking the Maya

After threatening All media stations

Lible if they repeat Melvin Hulse’s allegations

This is already a media sensation

Where do the Mayan get remedy

The ICJ has ruled already

Christina Coc has been arrested for conspiracy

This will not end pretty; rather it’s a call for solidarity

This matter must be fixed as a society

OR it will affect the whole country

Brineir is flexing muscle to impress the hegemony

Like Melvin said he’s obsessed with making history

By getting a third victory, exhausting Petro Carib money

Hold on my Mayan Family!


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