I am about…

I am about!

Less I be mis-construded as anti- administration
Let me make it clear I am about the people’s position
I am about self- determination, not partisan
You can call me a Marcus Garvey man
I am about simplification, much needed by this generation
I am not into hyperbol, propaganda and confrontation
I will burn fire pan corruption
Whether it is a PUP or UDP administration

I am neither about violence nor confrontation
I merely stating my position
If attacked I will defend my position
But then again I you cannot kill a dead man
From I was born death was my destination
I was born simply to make a contribution
For the furtherance of Belize for the next generation

I am about black people orientation
I am about black re-education
I am about agricultural development and mass production
I am about poor people liberation
I am about equal right and Justice
I am her to burning fire pan prejudice
I am about burning fire pan injustice
I am about freeing our black youths from Kolbe slave plantation
I am about creating people to relation
I am about women rights and liberation
I am about getting back to the family unit as the foundation

I am about the decade of afro descendants
I am about encouraging youths to join the National Trade union
I am about all workers forming a union
I am about championing a pension for stay home moms
I am about Nationalizing BECOL, and the Sugar Industry
I am about changing the status quo of Belize’s ruling hegemony
I am about getting free education for our pickney
I am about support the diaspora in getting a third party
I have no ambitions politically
But I am about the people and social productivity
So my people no mix mi
To Allah is my loyalty, Garveyites are my fraternity
One God , one aim, one destiny.

By : Abdulmajeed K Nunez

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