Outside the Box

Why aren’t Mayas begging on the street?
Why aren’t Maya scavenging for something to eat?
Why aren’t Mayans scourging for somewhere to sleep?
Their poverty is different; they have different needs to meet
Yet Gob di barrow eena deh name
GoB is playing a terrible game
Even if they make less than a US dollar a day
Mayans will eat anyway
Their poverty is being made real when GoB tries to take their land away

Mestizos in Orange Walk poverty different
Mexico is where they make their supplement
The sugar industry is their sustenance
No wander Gob brought in replacements
The Garinagu down south poverty different
They depend on barrels and remittance
They have the most Doctors per capita
Than any ethnic group in this country yah
Some studied right in Guatemala

The Creole in the District Economic Center
Poverty has taken one a new persona
Man weh jack and rob when ketch and kill noh di pay
Everybody di look fi quick pay day
Tacos dah maaning , neck and back dah after noon
Then fry chicken under the full moon
You can hardly go dah you neighba fi wata
Man have got shill fi get wata enna pack
Noh teck my words fi it check out the facts

Belize can become like Singapore or Germany
If we think out the box of the PUDP mentality
Belize will never proper with only two parties
Why don’t we form socialist parties?
With ethnic majorities in other words one Garifuna Party
One Mestizo and Maya party
Multiple parties with socialist ideology

To do this we need to take back our resources
Educate our families, community and by extortion the entire society
On the socialist philosophy and ideology
So they can change their own destiny
But agitating for big business to start paying their taxes
And res=distributing the countries resources
Then investing in our human resources
This is how you build true socialist democratic societies

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