Poem by Abdul Marin Nunez

God Complex

King Dean dah no Mandela
He has no vision from this nation
He only concern is winning another election
His limited perception is from election to election
He’s not trying to build the nation
He’s continuing Ralphonomics
Barrowing monies and spending it
While the country is not seeing any tangible benefits

King Dean dih try pull another fast one
Sandra Coye explained it this morning
On the Krem Radio Station
This Petro Carib Act of consolidation
Is King Dean desperately trying to correct wrongful financial acquisition?
From the monies from Petro Jam
Taking Belize People for Simple Simons
Belize needs to wake up as a nation

He was misleading in his explanation
Financial and Audit Reform Act is not being allowed to perform
Stiffening the Public account Committee and the integrity commission
He’s deceiving everyone by withholding vital information
Their calculation of the interest on Petro Jam is wrong
The Citizenry should be clamoring for an explanation
The people should be demanding the expenditure
Before this law presentation goes any further

This brother is suffering from a bad case of God complex
He will never admit his failures or errors
He regards his opinions as unquestionably correct
I agree with Johnny it’s an empty budget
Just a continuation of flawed policies of the past administration
This Government is a grab tub of corruption
No wonder they are supporting Marijuana decriminalization
Instead of legalizing the shit and subjecting it to taxation
Belize being such a small population
The same thing PUP did in 2001
When they raised the rates at Belize Tele Communication
Upping the price on goods ensure GOB taxation
But the rather the population par- rowed into stupefaction
So that they can continue in their corruption

By: Abdulmajeed K Nunez

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