Profit Over People: Crisis in Belize’s Sugar Cane Industry

Profit over people!

Foreigners are being allowed to bully the country
Due to the fact that they have lots of money
Buying their way, walking away with the assets of the country
We are not going to lose the sugar industry
The modus of this international cooperation
Is not to lose money, but eventually to take over
They are investing projecting to have ninety percent of the industry
Leaving the local with ten percent eventually

They are setting down the foundation
That they want to own the cane farmers lands
The trade unions and associations is the balance
Indeed the Sugar Industry is facing an avalanche
Foreign interest is being advanced
While the people are facing the pump and circumstance
The Union needs it membership to make a stance

History di repeat
Fi we people need fi wake up deh eyes and see it
They want to reverse production
The PM is their point man
The law allowed Cane Farmers to be at the forefront of production
A company cannot produce and mill their cane
That is insane- but these guys are vane
They are about profit over people
Their greed for money is insatiable
Our politicians are gullible, money being the roots of all evil
First the cane farmers were divided and made vulnerable

The repercussion for this sellout by some of the Nortanos cane farming people
Will mushroom into a depression for its people
This is the same thing in the 70s that happen to the Jamaicans
It happened to the Guatemalan and Nicaragua
Once the sugar industries fall into foreign hands
We will affect our ability to buy services
Their tentacles will eventually affect all our industries
Corozal and Orange Walk are two of the largest districts next to Belize City
Immediately the impact will be felt by three hundred (300) families
Then it will affect the town council’s ability to collected revenue money
Next the shops they buy from, the point in issue is it will adversely affect the entire economy
Thanks to the keen eyes of Audrey they did not sign hurriedly

By: Abdulmajeed K Nunez


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